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  Welcome to, a professional web-graphic repository that has defined the style of innovative web-design for over five years. bookmarking .   

Please note that if you're not using the images created by Free Graphics* for personal use, we would appreciate a small donation, though this is not required: read on...

    Arrows (728)
    Guaranteed to point your     visitors/clients in the right  

    Banners (130)
    to help you with your advertising     campaign.

    Buttons (1980)
    Close to 2000 buttons designed     for all types of projects. Works     well in presentations and     websites to enhance navigation.
    Interfaces (10)
    To enhance user-navigation on     websites, CDs etc.
    Textures/Backgrounds (411)
    Photo-realistic and computer-
    generated textures.

Pre-made Websites (11)
    Build a website on the fly!

Fonts (20) - Hard-to-find fonts

Link To Us

If you use a free graphic or template of ours, we'd appreciate a link back--or a donation--though neither is required.

    Airplanes, Aliens, Animals,
    Baby, Bats, Birthday, Bomb,     Browser, Business, Candles,     CDs, Computer, Counters,
Email, Eyes, Fire,
    Flags, Heart,Holiday, Nature,
    Political, Punctuation,
    Skeletons, Smiley Faces,
    Text-Signs,  Under-
    Construction, Web-Counters

Ranging from musical instruments to scientific equipement.


A variety of icons that can be used to enhance navigation and improve the overall clarity and apperance of your projects/websites.


Make your desktop look pretty.   

Movies (03)
Recently added for your viewing pleasure--humorous movies.

Feature: On 9/11, and in the days thereafter, our webmaster, Rohit Jenveja, and several photographers took photos of the tragedy. Fourteen of the photos have been made available on our website for those who would like to include them in art projects, reports, and websites which commemorate and honor the victims of 9/11. Note: Because many of our site-visitors are young-adults, all efforts have been made to insure that extremely graphical/offensive material be excluded from this gallery; only free graphics that are suitable for an audience of all ages will be found on

If you think this pre-made website looks cool, I'll be adding it to the site sometime this week for the taking--and I will be including the PSD free of charge.

SITE NEWS: was just recently launched. supports and exposes the work of web-designers and graphic-artists around the world. It's one of the few graphic repositories solely composed of user-submitted graphics-- so take advantage and submit your graphics for the world to see.

Recently we redesigned our free graphic galleries with more options and improved navigation so that you can the free graphics you need faster! If you would prefer to browse our galleries in their traditional form, below are the links to each free graphic category as they originally were:   Arrows, Wallpapers, Textures, Interfaces, Digital Textures, Pariuri, Templates, Buttons, Bars, Banners, Fonts

*All images in the web art category, wallpaper, photos, and pre-made websites (over 3000) are the original creation of Free Graphics. The animated gifs, icons, and clip-art however are of publc-domain. This is made clear throughout the site. Please read our license to learn of the exact restrictions and copyright issues of graphics available on Free Graphics






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